CREDO head cutter for pedicure 14 cm 1/2 cutting edge

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stainless steel, satin
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The CREDO Profi End Cutter Nippers is a nail nippers not only made for professionals. The two parts of the nippers are box-joint and permantently rivetted. An special spring helps to open the nippers after every cut and makes working with it easy. The special ergonomic pattern of this nippers require the treatment from the "end" of the nail and not at right angle. This passes the user on the "crucial centimeters" which make him reach his toe-nails unaided. The blades are handsharpened to the tips. This means that they close to the tips first and with increasing pressure over the entire blade. This allows to adjust the cut easily. Applicable for both left- and righthand use. The long 14cm handles give a good lever to cut even the stongest nails without crushing or squeezing them. The special stainless steel permits the disinfection in a ultrasonic bath or the use in humide surroundings. Suitable for subjects allergic to nickel. Packed in a plastic etui.

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